Down Size With Me

The home that served your family so well can become too quiet, too big and too expensive to maintain.   But the prospect of selling that home is daunting.  We form emotional attachments to our homes and possessions, and paring them down can be painful.

The good news is that gain often follows pain.  A downsized lifestyle can free up time to pursue long-denied passions, to plant and tend a garden or devote time to causes that matter to you.  And consider this: the amount saved on property taxes and maintenance just might pay for a trip to Europe or to somewhere warm in the middle of a Michigan winter.

My passion in real estate lies in helping clients successfully navigate the downsizing journey.  My business model is circular: I help my clients sell their larger homes and buy smaller homes.  I also work with ‘upsizing’ buyers who know that my focus results in superior knowledge of the local market.

Pete Seeger and The Byrds put the beautiful words from the third chapter of Ecclesiastics to music: to everything there is a season.  Is this your season for change?  It would be my pleasure to help you explore your downsizing options.

Thinking of moving to a condo?  I share some thoughts on my blog: